Thalgo is a world-renown brand of marine products for spa and beauty treatments.  Each product is engineered to provide the power of active marine ingredients to regenerate, hydrate, stimulate and nourish the skin.

Thalgo’s iBeauty machine represents an entirely new treatment experience. Used in conjunction with Thalgo products, the machine combines sound vibration, sequential ultrasound and radio frequency technologies to gently exfoliate, purify, hydrate and renew the skin, enhancing the efficiency and results of your facial.

Sound vibrations – low frequency vibrations are combined with an ultra-safe Thalgo aesthetic peel to exfoliate, purify and renew the skin. Suitable for even the most sensitive skin types.

Sequential ultrasound – evolving vibration waves are combined with marine active ingredients for optimum correction. This works by increasing skin absorption to hydrate the skin. Fibrolysis technology is used to stimulate natural cell regeneration and therefore aid in softening and smoothing wrinkles.

Tripolar radio frequency – the latest anti-ageing technology, derived from aesthetic medicine to regenerate, plump and firm the skin. This high-frequency micro-current causes contraction of collagen fibres giving an immediate tightening effect as well as stimulating new collagen formation.

iBeauty treatments can be added to any of the specialist facials we offer.

Anti-ageing activator
Combining a Thalgo peel and tripolar radio frequency, the face glows with renewed youthfulness, the skin looks lifted and firmed. Includes an eyebrow tidy.
60 mins$210
Hydration corrector
Combining a Thalgo peel and ultrasound with marine active ingredients to deeply hydrate and restore radiance and plumpness to the skin. Ideal for thirsty, tired and dull skins. Includes an eyebrow tidy.

Boost with a Healite add-on.
60 mins$189
Skin purity reviver
This express 30 minute treatment combines a Thalgo peel and ultrasound drainage to cleanse the skin of impurities, exfoliate and unclog pores leaving a healthy, bright and perfectly balanced skin. Extractions can be added on at additional cost.

Boost with a Healite add-on.
30 mins$145
Wrinkle corrector
Combining a Thalgo peel, tripolar radio frequency and ultrasound in fibrolysis mode. A visibly smoothing and filling effect, targeting fine lines and wrinkles by reactivating the skin regeneration process. Includes an eyebrow tidy.
75 mins$259
Healite add-on15 mins$60


Anti-ageing activator course
1 x Skin purity reviver; 3 x Anti-ageing activator
1 x 30 mins
3 x 60 mins
$675 (value $775)
Hydration corrector course
1 x Skin purity reviver; 3 x hydration corrector with Healite
1 x 30 mins
3 x 75 mins
$740 (value $892)
Purity reviver course
2 x Skin purity reviver; 2 x Skin purity reviver with Healite
2 x 30 mins
2 x 45 mins
$580 (value $700)
Wrinkle corrector course - 4
4 x Wrinkle corrector
4 x 75 mins$950 (value $1036)
Wrinkle corrector course - 6
6 x Wrinkle corrector
6 x 75 mins$1400 (value $1554)